Church Library

Church library – now known as The Bookshelf

Sometime ago, I was having a chat to Jacqui, our previous minister, about the church library and she said how she had hoped to have it revamped and refreshed before she left. Well, you have guessed it! I "volunteered" I declined to go through the books myself, selecting those which should stay and which should go, as I am aware that some were probably donated before my time. Be reassured, none were discarded. They are stored in the church to be used in rotation. I have taken the liberty to re name the library The Bookshelf as it is now more streamlined and hopefully, user friendly. I hope you find something to appeal/uplift/encourage in the new books as well as greeting old favourites. Please let me know if there is a book you feel would be of benefit to The Bookshelf and each other.

Books will be displayed regularly after the Sunday service, and reviews of new additions will be published in our monthly Bulletin.