2011 - 2012  We raised £2,000 for medical equipment for the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya.

2012 - 2013  We raised £1,500 for the Norfolk Emmaus Project which gives accommodation and work to formerly homeless people.

2013 - 2014  We raised £2,000 for developing a piece of land to enable single women and widows to support themselves in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

2014 - 2015  We raised £1,500 for Nelson's Journey which supports bereaved children.

2016  We raised £5,500 for Marsh Memorial Children's Homes - a Methodist organisation that helps vulnerable children in Cape Town, South Africa.

2017  We raised £4,300 for Norfolk Accident and Rescue Service.

2018  For the first six months of the year, we are raising money to twin the church toilets and then to subsidise individuals who want to twin their own toilets with a newly provided toilet in an underdeveloped country.  In the second six months, we will be raising money for the charity 'Smile Train' which provides operations throughout the world for children with cleft palates.