Church Library Catalogue

ADAM, David The Eye of the Eagle Meditations on a hymn 1990 Prayer
 ANDREW, Brother Building in a Broken World   1981 Book of Nehemia
APPLETON, George In His Name Prayers for the world and the church 1978  
APPLETON, George The Way of a Discipleship   1979 Meditations
APPLETON, George The Practice of Prayer   1979 Prayer
ASKEW, Eddie Breaking the Rules Meditations and Prayers 1992 Meditations
Balado, J L G The Story of Taize   1981 Taize
Barclay, William Prayers for Young People   1972 Prayer
Barclay, William Testament of Faith Spiritual Autobiography 1975 Memoir
Barclay, William Letter to Romans   1972 Bible Study
Barclay, William More Prayers for the Plain Man   1962 Prayer
Barclay, William Gospel of Matthew vol. 2 ch 11 -28   1975 Bible Commentary
Bennett, Dennis J Nine o'clock in the Morning   1971 Charismatic Movement
Berwick, Lin Inner Vision   1990 Memoir
BIRTWHISLE A. et al Everyday Prayers   1978 Prayer
Bridger, Francis Children Finding Faith   1988 Ministry  to Children
Booth, Howard Healing is Wholeness   1987 Healing Ministry
Callen, Mary, Comp. My Faith Famous Christians Talk about God 1986 Personal Testimony
CASSIDI, Deborah Comp. Favourite Prayers Chosen by people from all walks of life 1998 Prayer
Charpentier, Etienne How to read the Old Testament   1981 Bible Study
CONWAY, Ruth Choices at the heart of Technology   1999 Technology & Christianity
CUNDILL,  Margaret Called to be Me   1982 Memoir
CUNDILL,  Margaret I'd Like You to Meet...   1984 Memoir
Davey, Cyril Mad about Mission The  Story of Thomas Coke 1986 Biography
DAVID, Brother God's Smuggler to China A cry to the Chinese to let us love them 1981 Mission Work
Edwards, Maureen comp Called to Prayer  Anthology of prayers for ….... 2001 Prayer
Edwards, Maureen comp Oceans of Prayer   1991 Prayer
Finney, John Stories of Faith   1995 Evangelism
Foster, Richard Study guide for Celebration of Discipline   1983 Spirituality
Frost, Rob Burning Questions  (two copies)   1994 Novel about 'Agony Aunt'
Frost, Rob Gospel End   1992 Novel about Christians
Fuller, Millard A Simple, Decent Place to Live Habitat for Humanity 1995 Mission Work
Gill, Peter Drops in the Ocean The Work of Oxfam 1960 – 1970 1970 Charities
Goudge, Elizabeth A Book of Comfort   1964 Anthology
Goudge, Elizabeth A Book of Faith   1976 Anthology
Guinness, Michele Promised Land   1987 Memoir
Harries, Richard Prayer and the Pursuit of Happiness   1985 Meditations
Hoekema, A A The Four Major Cults   1963 Cults
Houghton, John Out Here A different way of Being 2004 Mission Strategy
Huggett, Joyce Listening to Others   1973 Pastoral Care
Hughes, Selwyn My Story From Welsh mining village to worldwide ministry 2004 Autobiography
Hunt, George The Centurion's Shadow   1984 Novel set in Palestine
Jackman, Stuart The Davidson Affair   1966 Novel about Christ
JONES, James Following Jesus First steps for young people – illustrated 1993 Discipleship
Kevan, Ernest F Now that I am a Christian Instruction for young Christians 1975 Discipleship
King, Joan Never mind the Gap A book for Grandparents 1999 Relationships
King, Stuart Hope has Wings The Mission Aviation Fellowship Story 2009 Mission Work
KNOWLES, Andrew Discovering Prayer   1985 Prayer
KOSOFF, David Bible Stories Retold   1968 Bible Stories
KOSOFF, David The Book of Witnesses ( 2 copies )   1971 Novel about the N.T.
Lampard, John S Look at Your Church! A sociologist's eye-view 1975 Church Srategy
Lewis, C S Screwtape Letters   1961 Apologetics
Lewis, C S Mere Christianity   1952 Apologetics
Lewis, C S Christian Reflections   1967 Essays
Lewis, C S The Magician's Nephew   1955 Fiction
Lightfoot, R H The gospel Message of St Mark   1950 Bible Commentary
Lloyd-Jones, Dr Martyn God the father, God the Son   1996 Doctrine
MACNUTT, Francis The Prayer that Heals Praying for Healing in the Family 1981 Prayer
MARGARET MAGDALEN, Sr A Spiritual Check-up Avoiding mediocrity in the Christian Life 1990 Discipleship
MARGARET MAGDALEN, Sr Jesus Man of Prayer      
MARSH, John  Saint John   1968 Bible Commentary
MARSHALL, Catherine A Man Called Peter Story of Peter Marshall 1952 Biography
MAYNE, Michael Pray, Love, Remember   1998 Meditations
MEYER, F B Abraham Friend of God 1968 Bible Study
MILBURN, G and BATTY, M ed. Workaday Preachers The Story of Methodist Local Preaching 1995 Church History
MORE, Richard Growing in Faith The Lee Abbey Story 1982 Christian Communities
MORRIS, Colin Epistles to the Apostle Tarsus – Please Forward 1974 Apologetics
MOTHER TERESA In the Silence of the Heart Meditations by Mother Teresa 1983 Meditations
MOTYER, Alec The Message of Philippians   1984 Bible Study
MOYNAGH, Michael Changing World Changing Church New forms of church 2001 Church Strategy
MOYNAGH, Patrick Home to Home Understanding the Family 1990 Relationships
MUGGERIDGE, Malcolm Something Beautiful for God Mother Teresa of Calcutta 1971 Biography
NOUWEN, Henri Reaching Out The three movements of the Spiritual Life 1976 Spirituality
PANOS, Chris God's Spy   1976 Mission Work
PATERSON, Robert comp. The Monarch Book of Christian Wisdom Anecdotes from the sages of the ages 1997 Quotations
PLASS, Adrian A Smile on the Face of God Life of Philip Ilott, anglo-catholic priest 1990 Biography
PLASS, Adrian The Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass   1986 Memoir
PLASS, Adrian Cabbages for the King   1993 Personal Testimony
PLASS, Adrian The Final Boundary and other parables 1987 Christian Life
PLASS, Adrian Broken Windows, Broken Lives   1987 Novel
POLLOCK, John Amazing Grace John Newton's story 1981 Biography
POULTON, John Dear Archbishop   1976 Letters
POWELL, John The Secret of Staying in Love   1974 Relationships
PYTCHES, Mary Yesterday's Child Healing Present Problems by Understanding … 1990 Relationships
REAM, Bill Too Hot for Comfort War Years in China 1938 – 50 1988 Mission Work
REES-LARCOMBE, Jen God's Gloves Giving and receiving Care 1987 Discipleship
REES-LARCOMBE, Jennifer Where have you gone, God?   1989 Christian Life
RICHARDS, Clare From Nun to Mum   1991 Memoir
RODD, C S The Book of Job   1990 Bible Study
ROGER of Taize, Br Parable of Community Basic texts of Taize 1980 Taize
SAVILLE, Malcolm King of Kings   1975 Life of Jesus
SIEGEL, Robert Alpha Centauri   1980 Fantasy
SIMPSON, Ray Exploring Celtic Spirituality Historic Roots for our Future 1995 Spirituality
SIMPSON, Sally Bruce: Patience Please, I think I'm Melting   1997 Biography
SKEVINGTON-WOOD, A The Burning Heart John Wesley: Evangelist 1967 Biography
SLAUGHTER, Frank G The Land and the Promise   1961 Bible Stories
SMITH, Delia A Feast for Lent   1983 Meditations
SMITH, Delia A Journey into God   1988 Meditations
SMITH, James Bryan A little Handbook of God's Love   2000 Spiritual Renewal
SNOWDEN, Rita A Woman's Book of Prayers 2 copies)   1968 Prayer
STACEY, David Isaiah 1 – 39 Epworth Commentaries 1993 Bible Commentary
STAFFORD, Tim That's not what I meant Words that harm, words that heal 1994 Christian Life
STANNARD, Russell The time and Space of Uncle Albert   1989 Fiction
STEWART, D.M. Comp. Women of Prayer Two hundred prayers by women 1993 Prayer
STOTT, John R W Understanding the Bible   1972 Bible Study
TAYLOR, John B Telling Good Stories and other sermons   1997 Sermons
TAYLOR, Michael Learning to Care Christian reflection on pastoral care 1983 Pastoral Care
TEN BOOM, Corrie Father ten Boom God's Man 1978 Biography
THOMPSON, Phyllis  A London Sparrow Gladys Aylward biography 1971 Biography
TOMKINS, Stephen William Wilberforce   2007 Biography
URQUHART, Colin My Father is the Gardener   1977 Spiritual Renewal
WALLACE, Jamie There's a time and a Place Prayers for the Christian Year 1982 Prayer
WALLIS, Arthur Pray in the Spirit   1970 Prayer
WATSON, David     1981 Christian Life
WATSON, Jean Corrie – Watchmaker's Daughter   1982 Biography
WESLEY, John Forty-four Sermons   1944 Sermons
WILKERSON, David The Cross and the Switchblade   1963 Christian Life
WILKERSON, David I'm not Mad at God   1967 Christian Life
WILKINSON, David God, the Big Bang and Stephen Hawking An exploration into Origins 1993 Apologetics
WILKINSON, David Thinking Clearly about God and Science   1996 Apologetics
WILKINSON, David A Holiness of the Heart When God invades your private life 2000 Spirituality
WILKINSON, Helena Puppet on a String Anorexia Nervosa 1984 Autobiography
WINTER, David Winter's Tale   2001 Autobiography
WRIGHT, Frank Pastoral Care for Lay People   1982 Pastoral Care
WRIGHT, Tom Simply Christian   2006 Spirituality
ZIMMERMAN, W  Ed. I knew Dietrich Bonhoeffer   1973 Reminiscence
  Daily Guideposts  2008 Spirit-lifting thoughts for every day of the year 2008 Meditations
  The Offer of Life The Gospel of John 1982 Bible NIV
  United Methodist Hymnal Book of United Methodist Worship 1989 Hymns