Our minister, Rev Jacqui Horton, has co-authored a Grove Booklet in their Evangelism Series (EV114) based on the Wymondham Posada experience.  Look at or search for Jacqui Horton on Amazon.

Using the tradition of the Mexican 'Posada' (Spanish for lodging or accommodation), 4 ft high figures of Mary and Joseph travelled around Wymondham during Advent from 2011 - 2015.  The nativity figures visited a variety of shops, schools, care homes, other public buildings and private homes. Their journey ended when they joined the congregation for the Carol Service on Christmas Eve.  The baby Jesus arrived on Christmas Day in time for the Christmas morning celebration!

Each host had Mary and Joseph for the whole of, or part of, 24 hours.  Our two-dimensional 'correx' friends liked to meet as many people as possible so when they were on public display they are very happy.  A bag that travelled with the Posada carried information about the Mexican Posada, about the original Mary & Joseph and their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and about the Wymondham Posada experience.  There was also a journal - filled in by the hosts - which documented the journey.

Photos of each year can be found under the 'Photos' link on this website.  

The 2015 journey
This gives an account of what happened in 2015.

The 2014 Journey
This is the story of Mary & Joseph's journey around Wymondham 2014 - as it happened.

Mary & Joseph's Journal 2013
What happened - as written up by the hosts

Mary & Joseph's Journal 2012
This is a record of what happened to Mary & Joseph in 2012 as told by their hosts.

Mary & Joseph's Journal 2011
This is a record of Mary and Joseph's journey around Wymondham in Late November and December 2011 as recorded by the people who hosted them.